About Us

I have had the pleasure over the past 17 years to meet lots of  wonderful pet  owners who want what is best for their pet(s) without having to spend a lot of money. I have been fortunate enough to see the progress and changes that their animals have made health wise, mental and physical for the better.

Less vet bills = happier owner

I am the proud owner of 4 dogs and also 2 cats. It is my passion to see that their wellness is my priority.

Demon is 17 years old, he is a Jack Russel mix.  Shadow is 8 years old, Butch is 13 and Scruffy, we think she is about 15years, she is very special,we did not know when we found her 10 years ago but she is blind, she doesn't know it, but she is.

 Pepe is 10 years old, and Buddy is about 9 years old

All my fur kids eat Grain Free high quality diets which I started feeding about 17 years ago. I was so impressed by the results and the overall improvement in my animals.