At Janet's Animal Planet the focus is on the overall wellness of your dog(s)/cat(s).  

We all have hectic schedules and sometimes it is hard to give your pet the attention they require and deserve. Have you ever given any thought maybe having someone stop by and take them for a walk, or even just some good old playtime to break up the day.  8 hours or more at one time to be alone is a very long time . It can lead to destructive behavior and/or then they may have to relieve themselves in the home. Puppies and older dogs can't help themselves. WHEN YOU GOTTA GO,YOU GOTTA GO!!

-Mental stimualtion is as important and physical stimulation!

-I have completed courses in Animal nutrition and massage therapy for Dogs/Cats. I am also certified in CPR for Dogs/Cats
Should you have any questions in regards to proper nutrition for your fur friend(s) I can help!


Please feel free to contact me at 514-436-6412 for any question you may have.